Most people think of themselves as pretty affable. But is that really the case? There are all kinds of personality types, and among them, of course, are some we get along with better than others. Especially when you have shared hobbies like playing national casino. Some people are just instantly likable – with their way of talking, their views and their charisma. With others, on the other hand, we intuitively get along less well.

However, there are character traits that ensure that these people get along well with very few people. There are seven signs in particular that indicate that someone has a difficult personality. 

Do you recognize yourself in these characteristics? Then you probably know a difficult person or are one yourself. But do not judge one just based on your first get to know. It takes actually time to figure out if someone is difficult or not. 


  1. you are insensitive

If you are primarily interested in yourself and your own feelings and needs, you will probably be perceived as difficult by others. For example, if you say whatever comes to mind without regard for the other person, you may well hurt the person with this insensitivity.

  1. you feel superior to others

You have the feeling that you are better than your environment in many matters and actually also generally as a person? Unfortunately, this doesn’t make you feel particularly inferior (and it’s probably wrong, because most of us are more average than we’d like to admit). This feeling of superiority quickly makes other people avoid you – it may even indicate narcissistic traits.

  1. you are aggressive

If you constantly get into conflicts and immediately become aggressive towards others when things don’t go your way, you definitely belong to the difficult personality category. Irascible behavior goes down well with very few people.

  1. you always think the worst of others

A certain amount of skepticism is part of common sense. But if you are constantly suspicious and trust nothing and no one, you make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself and others. After all, who likes to deal with people who always think the worst of you?

  1. you are manipulative

Unconsciously or consciously – now and then we all manipulate our fellow human beings to our advantage. But if you intentionally plan virtually every one of your interactions out of pure calculation, then that makes you anything but sociable. Because real human closeness can’t happen that way.

  1. you are very dominant

Some people can’t imagine any other way than theirs. They always want to set the tone and quickly become unpleasant if someone doesn’t dance to their tune. Basically, of course, people who sometimes take the helm are needed, just like people who tend to submit, so that groups and dynamics function. But those who constantly want to impose their will on others are quickly perceived as difficult.

  1. you are impulsive

Every decision we make also has an impact on other people. For example, if you spontaneously book a big trip for yourself on a whim, even though you actually wanted to go on vacation with your partner later in the year, this rash action doesn’t just affect you. Therefore, impulsivity is a character trait that can be rather difficult.

Of course, if you discover some of these traits in yourself, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person per se. But it never hurts to reflect on ourselves a bit and see what behaviors and habits we can work on. Because at the end of the day, we all want to get along well with each other.

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